Đặc tính

  • One-component
  • Application by hand and wet spraying technique
  • Highly sulphate resistant due to tricalcium-aluminate-free binder
  • Low active alkali content
  • Resistant to temperature and frost-thaw
  • High water retention
  • Excellent application properties
  • Non-flammable according to EN 13501-1 - building material class A1

Đơn xin việc

  • Main area of application: fine and precise sculpting works at statically mechanically and sulfate loaded artificial rock surfaces, e.g. climbing- and playground rocks
  • Repair and creation of bonded/sloped screeds, e.g. on balconies
  • Suitable for partial and full-surface application at old and new buildings
  • Suitable for creation of levelling Iayers (horizontal) on mineral substrates, interior and exterior
  • Suitable for partial and full-surface reprofiling in masonry repair
  • Suitable according to EN 206 for exposure classes XC 1-4, XS 1, XD 1-2, XF 1-3 and XA 1-2

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